I’m Pete, 38, from and still living in Basingstoke. I love travelling but I’ll be staying in Hampshire for now.

Having a long journey through psychosis and anxiety, doing blogging is a natural outlet for sharing it with you guys.  My illness began in 2001 at the same time as 9/11 and my delusional psychosis was serious.  Hospitalisations, escapes from locked wards (young me was impulsive and funny – big respect), a bridge jump suicide attempt (three broken lumbar vertebrae and two broken wrists – three months in hospital but I recovered fully), thinking I was ‘The One’ and destined for world domination…Then as that improved I was hit with panic attacks and anxiety. 

But through effort, research (thank you Google), great support, perseverance and luck I got better.  I’m fine now (I consider myself 90 % recovered) and I love writing about everything.  I don’t shy away from anything and I’m glad to have a lengthy and intensely interesting story to tell.  I’m writing my book about it, hopefully to be published soon, check this website for news on that. 

I love travelling these days and I love doing posts about that too – more recently Edinburgh, Dublin, Tuscany, Holland and I was supposed to be doing Germany, Switzerland and France in the summer of 2020.  It makes an interesting addition to my travel writing to comment on the private little mental health fluctuations that I experience as I’m not quite perfect.    

I have a sister site – petesmentalhealthtravel.com which is my writing portfolio and has my blogging efforts from 2017 – 2019.  Something compelled me to do a site that is exclusively a blog so here we are.  It’s great fun and I hope you get as much from reading it as I do from producing it.

As well as being full of questionably based confidence (because why not) and a drive to help others, decrease stigma and entertain, I am actually full of real wisdom about mental health.  I recently worked on the same ward I was a patient at several times and I am on the North and Mid Hampshire Mental Health Service User Advisory Board.  I have had articles published on several mental health websites including an essay of mine in the Taylor and Francis Psychosis Journal 2018.

A new addition to my site is my art gallery, I’ve been enthusiastically painting since lockdown began, it’s very colourful and I’m learning…click menu in top right for that.

You can email me about anything, p.mcdonnell@outlook.com . Maybe you have questions, want to talk mental health, or want me to write you a guest article or blog.  

Thank you, and big respect, for reading and telling everyone about my blog even if they don’t directly ask.

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