I have found a new creative hobby in painting since lockdown. I’m having a lot of fun with it, especially as my meds dull my creative side a bit, so it helps to have something to keep my right brain active. The zoom should work pretty well here. There are a few other things on this site worth a few minutes, check out menu in top right, shares are welcome.

“On A Gold Theme”

My fourth mural, just having a play here. A few gold references with a hidden song.

“The Anvil Theatre, Part Capriccio”

Lots of imagination in this my third mural. The traffic warden is telling two stories simultaneously, see detail below.


“Time Flies When You Are Shopping”

My 2nd mural for the Basingstoke Community Furniture Project shop of our shopping centre

“French Dream House”

Another little one, 10 x 8 inches

“Lady of The Lake”

Two weeks ago my boss asked me to paint a series of murals of Basingstoke landmarks/beauty spots in his shop. This is the first, of Eastrop Park.

“A Picture of Happiness”

Just a little one, 10 x 8 inches

“Rosy Cottage on Abbey Road”

“Scaramanga’s Paradise”

“The Magic Dragon”

“Ice Creams at the Beach”

“Lake Como”

“2020 – March”


“The White Dog of Happiness”

“I Ain’t Gettin’ On No Plane, Sucka”

“My Grandparents House, Imagined in About 1942”

My dear departed Granny and Grandad, they lived by Heathrow, Grandad was an Air Traffic Control Officer


“Nap Time”

That’s it for now, as I paint more, I’ll put them up.

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